Multi-function Tools

Writing, Creasing, V-cutting, Dotting, Kiss cutting, Milling, RUIZHOU Multi-function Carrier can be equipped with a set of advanced and fast optional tools. With independent serve motor control multi-axis motion, operation accuracy has reached the top technical level.


Install with CCD location system, automatic tracking and positioning, continuous production, meet the demands for multiple styles and multiple order.

Oscillating Cutting Tool
Blade Cutting
  • Low frequency silent cutting

  • 18,000 vibration/minute

  • Cutting straight clear edges

  • Without burnt and smell

  • Different types of blade to choose, apply to numerous of textures

  • Stable and accurate, ready for every kind of common material

  • Digitally adjust and save all cutting config.,

Common materials such as: cardboard, leather, pad, corrugated paper, wood sheet, sponge, honeycomb board, label, styrofoam board, cloth, various flexible flat materials

Camera Tracking System
  • High performance Photosensitive chip

  • Lens resolution : 500M Pixel

  • 60mm x 60mm tracking area and

  • 15°Ai automate calculation

  • User-define crop mark 100% compatible

  • Save as .cgm file, all setting recorded

  • Non stop working on platform

  • Self-develop software


Milling Tool
  • 46000/rpm, High speed drill

  • Vacuum cleaner pipe installed

  • Clean and odorless

  • Build-in milling layers setting

  • Different types of drill-bit to choose

  • Easily handle material


Common material: Acrylic, Plastic, MDF Board, other low density material

Other Tools

Creasing Wheel

  • Fold and Line marking

  • 4 size of creasing wheel

  • adjustable pressure on X/Y direction

Common material: Card, Plastic sheet,



  • 44.5° V-cutting design

  • Build-in software for all config setting

    • Depth, Width, Length

  • Create strong structural on various material

  • Perfect for Boxing and packaging

Common material: Corrugated cardboard,

Honey-Comb Board, EVA, Foam


  • Ball pen, Oil Pen, Silver Pen

  • Writing, Marking or Drawing on objects



Round knife, Air pressure cutting tool, Label tool, Dotting wheel, Hole puncher...

Whole piece aluminum platform
Strong, anti-corrosion, durable
Gear rack & Screw lever
Adopting from Taiwan, High accuracy
Welding stable machine structure
High stable, less vibration
Standard safety device
Infrared sensor and emergency stop