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Intelligent & Efficient
Epochal Technology


Agile & Simple
Mass Production

Modern production concept

Ruizhou CNC Machine acquired with CNC system, built-in exhaust blower to perform vacuum adsorption to materials, features coordinated tools, the CNC machine is capable to conduct CUTTING, SCORING, ANGLE CUTTING, MILLING, and LINE- DRAWING on a single working surface. The cutting and milling techniques accomplish precise, perfectly straight, consistent and odorless outcomes. With high efficiency and less redundant production, the CNC system just complete all the sorted tasks in a flash, which could highly adapt to the rapid market and the tight production schedule of the business model in Hong Kong.

Development trend

In the coming few decades, automated manufacturing will be popularized and formalized to replace manual production. However, the manual process and techniques are not going to be terminated. By reducing labor costs and production time, enterprises can concentrate on developing innovative business direction and enhancing manufacturing techniques.

By observing the current market, we could discover that different types of modernized manufacturing machines are assisting for the business growth, providing room for further improvement in the fierce business competition environment.

For example, production companies had successfully prominent their brand value by increasing their customized orders, which has broken out of rut from the market.

Intelligence solution

The development technology of Ruizhou CNC cutting machine is applied in Hong Kong, providing tailor-made production solutions for different industries, companies and customers.

Popularity and diversity

The independently developed professional operating software is compatible with all vector line graphs generated by programs. Users can freely and unrestrictedly use Internet resources and technologies to learn and create unique designs. At the same time, the lowering and popularization of technical thresholds also means that the circulation of related similar production and production modes among different industries will be more comprehensive and wider. Therefore, equipment that can handle different types of materials gives the company or enterprise room for improvement.


The computer-generated files are straightforward, clear and easy to save, and they will not be restricted on time and space. Moreover, professional functions, flexible and fast transmission modes make the design and production more specific and standard. Whether it is a little modification or even restarting, users can make changes based on the design then output the production, achieving the highest production efficiency.



Faced with the prevailing situation in current market of small batch production with various layout, companies must achieve a balance between productivity and profitability. CNC equipment caters to and provides solutions for the practice of small amount production, which is environmentally friendly and saves material storage. When receiving orders of different quantities, users can more flexibly consider automatic continuous production or quantified manual layout processing. The coordination of CCD camera tracking and positioning, suspended projection system, rolling table and dual-operation heads and other hardware has provided intelligent solutions for companies of different sizes.