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RUIZHOU Technology Co.,Ltd. is a National Torch Plan High-tech Enterprise, specialized in search, development and technique service of soft material intelligent CNC Cutting system.

RUIZHOU Technology serves the realization of the confluence of informationization and industrialization, and eventually serves the implementation of the

industrial transformation and promotion of industry 4.0.

Common Model

Suitable for Design, Test, Package, Sample

Quick edit, single production target

Ref.: Design House, Innovation Center,

Demonstration Hall, Workshop, Laboratory


Standard Function:Draw, Cut / Crease / V-cut / Mill

Single or Duo Tools

AC 220V power option for request,

Vacuum adsorption for fixing material

CCD location system can be added


Direct connect to User PC

Instant files transfer for production


LCD Touch Screen

Machine Model:RZCRT 1007 or RZCRT1510

Max. Cutting Area:

1000mm x 700mm or 1500mm x 1000mm

Production Model

Repeatedly standardize processing

Produce qty depends on demand

Cooperation with scale, cell production

Ref.: Printing Press, Publishing House,

Advertising, Marketing, Packaging,

Event Contractor, Brand Agency,

Fashion Industry, Leather Crafting

Standard Function:Draw, Cut / Crease / V-cut / Mil

Duo or Multi Function Tools setup

380V power,4-8 Divisional absorption

Multiple process on single run

CCD location system for mass production

Cutting Projector can be added

Machine Model:RZCRT/CUT 1510, 1813, 2516

Max. Cutting Area:

1500mm x 1000mm, 1800mm x 1300mm,

2500mm x 1600mm